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Getting there

The only way to get to the Rifugio is by cable car from Passo Falzarego. Make sure you get there before the last ride up at 4.40 pm.

Reaching the rifugio at sunset is a unique experience and one of the most beautiful things you can ever imagine. Chill out with a sauna and a glass of wine at sunset before savouring dinner served at 7.00 pm.

Waking up at 3000 m always holds surprises, from amazing sunrises to fresh snowfalls. No worries, there is time for a rich buffet breakfast from 7.30 to 8.30 before skiing down along the pristine ski runs. 

And all this is priceless.

Ski Tours

Straddling across Cortina and Val Badia Ski Areas, Lagazuoi is just perfect to spend a night during the Great War ski tour.

A free shuttle bus service connects 5 Torri and Tofana ski areas to enjoy a day on the famous ski runs of the Ampezzo valley.

The connection from Sella Ronda via Val Badia is by bus service, the service is charged a fee from Armentarola.

We recommend buying the Dolomiti Super Ski Pass which covers all the ski areas of the Dolomites.

Ski touring and Free-riding

If you love ski touring and backcountry we recommend hiring a guide since the Dolomites, apparently safe, are actually insidious and must be known well.

Climbing up  to Lagazuoi through the War Tunnel, the Kaiserjaeger Trail, or along the Alpini and Tommaselli Vie Ferrate is not impossible with the snow, but requires good mountaineering skills. Understanding snow conditions and therefore the most suitable routes is easier for those who have lots of experience and live in the mountains.

Not only skiing

Lagazuoi is synonym for high altitude therefore the terrain is not suitable for snowshoeing. However, Col Gallina slopes nearby offer exciting routes guided by knowledgeable historical reenactors.

The organization of Rifugio Col Gallina is perfect and we will be waiting for you for a night at high altitude.