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One Rifugio, three generations


Before 1963, on top of Mt Lagazuoi there were only the remains of a terrible World War and a trigonometric point where the Rifugio stands now.

Following his many summer and winter ascents, my father and a group of visionary friends decided to invest in building a new cable car which would take skiers to the longest slopes of the times. The feasibility of the project was supported by research studies on the transit of summer travellers at Passo Falzarego along the Dolomites road . 

A crazy idea

It was back in 1965 when Ugo, then director of a butcher’s shop, and Alda, then a housewife devoted to her young family, decided to leave their quiet country life and build a mountain inn at 2752 m. 

What prompted them to take such an important step? During my forty years on the Lagazuoi summit, I have often been asked this question. 

A choice of life

My brother Paolo and I, as well as our children, have grown with a love-hate feeling for this choice, so important for our lives. In the years, we have come to realize how this magic nest in the heart of the Dolomites could bewitch an Alpinist like Ugo.

His glorious past as “Scoiattolo” and Alpine Guide, his activities in the Alpine Rescue Service, and his love for the mountains have played a key role in deciding to undertake this risky adventure which implied great financial and personal sacrifices.

Alda followed her husband with love and sense of duty, contributing with her deep knowledge of local cuisine and her sense of hospitality which have been key in the successful management of the Rifugio.

A family tradition

Many things have changed in these fifty years of care and improvements, but the spirit has remained the one of our parents. The love for these incredible mountains, UNESCO World Heritage, still today encourages us to keep improving in order to pass down to our children the values of living in contact with Nature and meeting people from all over the world.

To the new generation an incitement to continue along this path and heartfelt thanks to all those who have helped us in our work.